At Optilan, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions across various sectors, leveraging cutting-edge technology and our extensive industry experience. Our expertise encompasses the following sectors:

Pipeline Intrusion Detection System

Pipeline Intrusion Detection System

With an unrivalled portfolio in the pipeline sector, we are widely recognised as the world leader in the deployment of pipeline integrity monitoring solutions. To date, we’ve installed over 12,000 km of pipeline monitoring solutions as far afield as the Middle East, India, Turkey, Russia and Europe. We provide an integrated approach to engineering, supply and life cycle optimization of pipeline assets, tailored to meet the evolving needs of pipeline systems globally. We provide DAS / DTS / Leak detection systems, SDH, radio communication systems with our offering of other security and safety systems.



Reliable communication is crucial for the efficient operation of renewable energy projects whether it’s a sprawling solar farm or towering wind turbine our robust systems provide the vital link between various locations and remote working teams providing safety and security, operational efficiency and improved decision making with faster higher bandwidth communication channels. Our sector-specific solutions are designed with a sustainable future in mind. Our solutions and services are turnkey, addressing the complete asset – including turbines, offshore and onshore substations.



The success of any oil and gas project hinges on robust and secure communication. We understand the critical role telecom systems play in ensuring operational efficiency, safety, and productivity across your onshore, offshore, and pipeline operations. For thirty years, we have provided integrated solutions for leading Oil and Gas, Industrial and Energy companies around the world. Our service portfolio spans in excess of 1,500 onshore, midstream and offshore references. With our wide spread experience we provide a comprehensive suite of telecom solutions designed specifically for the demanding needs of the oil and gas industry. Our expertise spans, wired and wireless networks, voice and video communications, radio system and data security and management using comprehensive network management solutions.

Critical Infrastructure

We routinely implement and support the largest global security programmes, across utilities, public space, transportation and key industrial facilities. These are assets that require a specialist approach due to their strategic importance. Working in conjunction with governments, city authorities and industrial organisations, we provide security systems that ensure the smooth, safe and resilient operation of critical infrastructure. Our focus is upon mitigating risk by working with CSO’s and stakeholders, to develop and deliver command and control solutions for enterprise-level situational awareness. Not only must the solutions provided enable timely response interventions, but they must also acquire smart data to aid evidential and trend analysis.



Metro and railway systems rely on a robust and integrated telecom network to function efficiently and safely. These systems act as the nervous system, coordinating operations and ensuring smooth passenger flow. Core functions include, passenger information display systems, Public address systems, operational communications, CCTV surveillance networks for monitoring stations, platforms and trains. Key technologies include FOTS systems, radio communication, EPABX systems and network management systems.